Ireland’s Tallest Tree Discovered at Powerscourt

Ireland’s Tallest Tree Discovered at Powerscourt


Ireland’s Tallest Tree Discovered at Powerscourt

A Douglas Fir along Powerscourt River Walk in County Wicklow has been officially recognised as the tallest tree in Ireland since records began by leading tree expert, Aubrey Fennell.  The tree stands at 61.5 metres, or 202 ft, towering above well-known landmarks including Dublin’s Liberty Hall (59.5 metres) and Niagara Falls (51m).   

The Douglas Fir is an evergreen coniferous tree, named after the Scottish botanist David Douglas, who first introduced it to Europe from North America in 1827. The Douglas Fir at Powerscourt is the first tree to surpass 60m in Ireland and is the seventh-highest tree in Europe.  It has been an Irish champion for over 20 years, overtaking other trees in Ireland including a Sitka spruce in Shelton Abbey and Curraghmore.


The seventh Viscount Powerscourt went on a spree in the 1860’s and 1870’s, planting an abundance of trees at Powerscourt including sequoia, Sitka spruce, Monterey cypress and Corsican pine that all now reach heights of 40 to 50m. Located along Powerscourt River Walk, the tree is open to the public through annual membership of Powerscourt, and to guests staying at the Powerscourt Hotel. They are very privileged to access glorious woodland trails and Ireland’s own ‘Avenue of Giants’ that rivals all other contenders in Europe.

The champion tree at Powerscourt is included in Aubrey Fennell’s newly published book ‘Heritage Trees of Ireland’ available now from Collins Press. The book is the result of 15 years of searching, recording, photographing and measuring over 10,000 trees for the Tree Register of Ireland.

For more information on annual membership of Powerscourt, visit

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