The Italian Garden

The dazzling drama and epic story of The Italian Garden make it a must-visit attraction for thousands of visitors each year.

Explore the Italian Gardens


The grandeur and impact of The Italian Garden is literally breath-taking. Pleasing symmetry and perfectly manicured formal planting contrasts with the rugged wildness of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. The result is one of the best views in Ireland for you to enjoy, before you stroll down the terraces to the tranquil peace of Triton Lake.

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The Italianate Terraces

The series of terraces linking the house to the lake were quite a feat to create. They took over twelve years to build, with over one hundred men required to complete the task! The design of the upper stone terrace nearest the house was influenced by Villa Butera in Sicily. As a young boy, the 7th Viscount was brought out from his school room (aged 7) on 13th October 1843 to lay the first stone in the ground.

Interestingly, the 7th Viscount did not believe he would live to see the completion of the terraces. While many generations of the Wingfield Family did not live to see the completion of the work undertaken during their lifetime, they approached its development with gusto and enthusiasm and perhaps saw themselves as just one part of the evolution of Powerscourt. It is thanks to their imagination and hard work that we can enjoy the splendour and beauty of Powerscourt today.

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Enjoy exciting sculptures of gods and myths, including statues of Apollo Belvedere and Diana, collected by the 6th and 7th Lord Powerscourt on their travels to Europe.

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One of the most striking features of the Italian Gardens is the pair of life-sized winged horses which watch over the lake. They form part of the family coat of arms and were made by Professor Hugo Hagen in Berlin in 1869. The fountain on this dramatic lake is based on the one in the Piazza Barberini in Rome and completes the splendid vista from the house down to the lake.

Sustainability & Biodiversity

The long-term overarching mission at Powerscourt Estate is to be recognised on a global stage for our sustainability initiatives, and to be Net Zero by 2025.

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Coming To Powerscourt?

The walled gardens are the most amazing flowers I have ever seen. I could have looked at them for hours. The rest of the grounds are very beautiful and peaceful when there aren’t large tour groups. The lunch at Avoca is very good, fresh and reasonably priced. You can even have some retail therapy at the stores. Again, the most amazing flowers!!!

We visited Powerscourt gardens for the first time in late October. The walled gardens still had a colourful display of flowers and shrubs, the trees were in wonderful autumn shades and the Japanese gardens were delightful with the Acers looking very attractive. Powerscourt is certainly worth travelling to see if you are in the area.

This garden was incredible. We went on a very rainy day and it was difficult to really enjoy the beauty that was there. We quickly walked thru the formal gardens, Japanese garden and tower house. The collection of trees were magnificent but it was raining too hard to read all the labels Would definitely go back if we get a chance.