A Personal Journey through Powerscourt

Enjoy a wonderful new short film and audio guides about Powerscourt Gardens, narrated personally by its 2 families and owners over the past 400 years.

The film is visible in Powerscourt House and the audio guides may be collected by visitors to the gardens at the reception area in Powerscourt House.


The film and audio guides are available in English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese.

Enjoy a sample of our audio guides!

 English Audio Guide                 Mandarin Audio Guide             



Audio Guide (French)                Audioführer (German)



Tour de Audio (Spanish)

Is there a charge for the audioguides?

The audioguides are currently being offered free of charge to visitors to Powerscourt Gardens. There are a limited number of audio guides available so please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Audio guides cannot be booked in advance and are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Is there an audio guide for children?

We have 2 audio guides on offer; ‘Garden of the Gods’ for adult visitors to the gardens and ‘Family Action Quests’ for children and their families to enjoy.

How long does it take to complete the audio guide tour?

There are 22 stops on the adult tour and 8 stops on the family tour throughout the gardens. They can be visited in any order but we recommend listening to the first two stops because they provide an essential introduction to the tour. The two kilometer circuit takes 1 – 1.5 hours to complete.

How do I use the audio guides?

Visitors simply point their audio guide or ‘Podcatcher’ device at each stop to listen to the information. The audio will automatically start playing. Each stop is triggered by GPS as you walk around the gardens. You can then press forward to hear and see more about the stories and features of Powerscourt Estate. If you want to look ahead or listen again to other Tour Points you can either select them from the ‘Map’ or ‘List’ options.

What are the audio guides about?

The guides are narrated by Anthony Wingfield, Lord Powerscourt and Alex Slazenger, the Head Gardener. Their cousin Sarah Slazenger, Managing Director, also narrates making this a first-hand, warm experience of what Powerscourt means to them. From fascinating family characters through to everyday tasks in the gardens, the audio guides provide a wonderful ‘behind the scenes glimpse’ of life at Powerscourt Gardens.

Start your Powerscourt journey today by watching the short video below and enjoy the audio guides when you next visit Powerscourt Gardens.

Where can I collect my audio guide?

Audio guides may be collected by visitors to the gardens at the reception area in Powerscourt House. The audio guides can also be downloaded free of charge onto your smartphone in advance. After downloading the app, simply scroll to ‘Powerscourt Gardens’ on the list of attractions and select your language. Free WIFI is also available in Powerscourt House.

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