Movie Magic at Powerscourt

Over twenty-five different movies and TV series have been shot at Powerscourt Estate since Laurence Olivier started the trend by filming Henry V here in 1944. Since then movies including Black Beauty, Barry Lyndon, The Count of Monte Cristo, Ella Enchanted and King Arthur have been filmed or partially filmed at Powerscourt. We have had a host of stars visit us including Ryan O’Neal, Tom Cruise, Rock Hudson, Anne Hathaway, Sally Field, Guy Pierce and Clive Owen. Popular TV series such as The Tudors starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Camelot featuring Joseph Fiennes have also been shot here. Why not watch some of the movies below and see if you can spot Powerscourt Estate in any of the scenes! Happy viewing!


Movies filmed at Powerscourt Estate

Why not watch some of the movies in our list and see if you can spot Powerscourt Estate in any of the scenes! View a full list of movies filmed or partially filmed at Powerscourt here.

Battle at Big Rock | An All-New Short Film | Jurassic World
Filmed at Powerscourt in 2018

Vikings, filmed at Powerscourt Waterfall & Estate

The Count of Monte Cristo

Director: Kevin Reynolds. Starring: James Caviezel, Guy Pearce, Richard Harris and Henry Cavill
Plot: ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ is a remake of the Alexander Dumas tale by the same name. Dantes, a sailor is falsely accused of treason by his best friend Fernand, who wants Dantes’ girlfriend Mercedes for himself. Dantes is imprisoned on the island prison of Chateay d’If for 13 years, where he plots revenge against those who betrayed him.
Insider Information! The scene where Dantes hosts a party for his inauguration as a Count was filmed at Powerscourt Estate.

Ella Enchanted

Director: Tommy O’Haver. Starring: Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy, Cary Elwis, Joanne Lumley, Minnie Driver and Vivica A. Fox.
Plot: Based on Gail Carson Levine’s award winning novel, this is the story of Ella, a young woman who was given a “gift” of obedience by a fairy named Lucinda. Anything anyone tells her to do, she must obey! When her mother passes away, Ella is cared for by her thoughtless and greedy father, who remarries a loathsome woman with two treacherous daughters. This modern-day fantasy Cinderella features fairies, ogres and elves and much excitment as Ella journeys through life, waiting for her “curse” to be broken.
Film Fact! Powerscourt House and Gardens (particularly the woodlands) was used extensively to shoot this film.

Film Location

We warmly encourage local and international media to visit and experience all that Powerscourt has to offer.

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We would be delighted to assist journalists with interviews, images or any other information required for upcoming articles and features. If you have an opportunity you would like us to consider or are interested in a press familiarisation visit to Powerscourt, please contact Lisa Moran, Marketing & Communications Manager (

Filming Enquiries

Powerscourt Estate and its beautiful gardens and grounds have been used as a location for many exciting films, documentaries and commercials. Here are some examples of filming at Powerscourt. We warmly welcome filming at the estate. To discuss filming opportunities and site visits at Powerscourt please contact:


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Next time you are visiting Powerscourt, perhaps you will be lucky enough to spot a movie being filmed! County Wicklow is blessed with many fantastic locations such as Powerscourt for directors to choose from, making it one of the most sought after locations in Ireland for film-makers. Why not try some of the Wicklow Films Trails on the Wicklow Film Commission’s website and enjoy a great day out in Wicklow.