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The Pepperpot Tower

In Tower Valley you will find the Pepperpot Tower which was modelled on a pepperpot from Lord Powerscourt’s dining table! It is from this that Tower Valley received its distinctive name. Climb the tower’s winding steps and enjoy the views of Powerscourt House and Gardens. Why not stop for a photo beside the many cannons surrounding the tower! Lord Powerscourt was an avid fan of the scouting movement and encouraged troops to camp on the grounds at Powerscourt. When you reach the top of the tower, you are standing where Lord Powerscourt 8th Viscount once stood and surveyed the scout camps long ago, although now the trees have grown too high to do so! Scout troops still occasionally camp on these grounds today.

Trees at Powerscourt

Tower Valley is a wooded valley, with many varieties of trees for you to enjoy. When you visit Powerscourt, look up at the trees around you with their different forms, powerful trunks and intriguing textures. The trees at Powerscourt have been planted over the past two centuries and there are now over 250 varieties for you to discover.

While many of these trees are a familiar sight to us, when they were first planted they were mostly new plants, collected from the Americas and all over the world. Keep an eye out for the North American conifers, which were the ‘exotic’ plants of the 19th century. The relatively kind climate at Powerscourt has helped many of these trees grow rapidly.

Other types of trees at Tower Valley include the Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar, European Silver Fir, Dawn Redwood, Torrey Pine and the Giant Sequoia among others. Many of these are labelled – test yourself from a distance before checking the label!

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