The Largest Pet Cemetery in Ireland

One of the most interesting parts of Powerscourt Gardens is the pet’s cemetery which is the resting place of the much loved pets of the Wingfield and Slazenger families. It’s situated in a quiet part of the gardens where you can enjoy the striking colours of Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Roses in May and June. The cemetery is believed to be the largest pets’ cemetery in any private Irish garden.

The much-loved Pets of Powerscourt

The families had a wide variety of pets including children’s ponies ‘Tommy’ and his wife ‘Magic’ as well as ‘Swift’ and ‘Bully.’ Another favourite pet included ‘Eugenie’ the Jersey cow who had 17 calves and produced over 100,000 gallons of milk! The names of the pets are a joy to read such as ‘Mrs Mare’, ‘Little Bots’ and ‘Doodles Chow’. Are your own pets’ names as imaginative? When naming you next pet, you might get some new ideas at Powerscourt!

Animals at Powerscourt today

You will continue to see animals at Powerscourt Estate when visiting today. Keep an eye out for the Powerscourt horses – Boncho, Giddy and Glencree. You will find them grazing along the avenue as you approach Powerscourt House or in the field below Triton Lake. They are very friendly so do stop by to say hello! Oh, and you may even spot a red squirrel or two if you’re lucky!

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