Gates to the Garden

The Viscounts of Powerscourt truly enjoyed travelling throughout Europe, selecting original pieces of work and commissioning replicas to bring an international flavour to Powerscourt Gardens in Wicklow. This beautiful collection of gates came from England, Germany and Italy and add elegance to each of the gardens they adorn.

The Chorus Gate

The Chorus Gate was made from a copy of a 17th century German gate and purchased in London for this position. Note the musical insignia on its intricate ironwork. Located at the entrance to the Walled Garden.

Bamberg Gate

The 240 year old ‘Bamberg Gate’ came from the Cathedral at Bamberg in Germany. The 7th Viscount bought this from Mr. Pratt, a curiosity dealer in London. Admire its intricate ironwork and interesting perspective, designed to create the illusion of a longer garden beyond it. Located in the Walled Garden.

Venetian Gate

This double gate is of Italian Design and was made by Moise dall Torre at Venice. In the words of Lord Powerscourt its design includes a grapevine pattern to be “suitable to the entrance of a garden” and was erected in 1900. The vases on the stone piers are made of Capo d’Istria stone. Located at the entrance to the Herbaceous Border.

The English Gate

The English Gate leads the way to the Dolphin Pond and the Pet’s Cemetery. This beautiful gate was brought from England in 1873 and if you look closely you can see rose, thistle and shamrock motifs. These are the national emblems of England, Scotland and Ireland. Located at the Dolphin Pond.

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