Grow Your Own Review with Kerry Gordon

Grow Your Own Review with Kerry Gordon

We recently had a fantastic Grow Your Own event for children at Powerscourt Garden Pavilion. Our blogger Kerry Gordon attended with her family – here is how she got on!

“A visit to the Powerscourt Garden Pavilion is always a treat where you are greeted with a wonderful warm welcome from Marianne and her team. As you enter, an explosion of colour and smells embraces you with vibrant flowers and plants throughout the venue. The last family workshop we attended at the Pavilion was pumpkin carving for Halloween which was by far the most entertaining pumpkin event I have been too and suitable for all ages (even we adults loved it too!) Recently I went along to their Grow Your Own Pizza garden workshop which was aimed at the excited young planters in our families.

Everything was laid out for us with colorful tubs of soil, seed trays, labels and most importantly the magical seeds. Marianne showed the children how to put the soil into the tray and then make little holes with their pokey fingers. Then with lots of concentration and care one or two seeds was popped into each hole. Wait a moment! Silly me – you must make sure you write on your label with the name of your seed and place it in the container before you start planting!

Because we were growing for pizzas we planted oregano, thyme, rocket, spinach, basil, tomatoes and peppers. The tomato and peppers were planted separately because they need more room to grow. After the seeds were planted the children sprinkled soil on top to cover the seeds just like a chef would do! Then they sprinkled on water and put the lid on. Very importantly there must be no peeking for at least two weeks and they need to be placed in a sunny dry place. The tomatoes and peppers are sturdier and didn’t need a lid. Then it was time to take everything home and eagerly but patiently wait for the seeds to grow into beautiful tasty herbs and fruit and veg.

On the way out, with our arms full of future tasty morsels, we stopped and just had to look at the beautiful Easter section. It was such a wonderful event – so much fun for everyone and watching the kids planting was a pure joy. I think we may have some future gardeners in our midst and gardening is an activity that crosses over all generation. Make sure you don’t miss the next event by visiting


Molly digging in!

1 resized 600

Big yellow tubs full of mud …. time to get our hands all mucky

3 resized 600

Reading to start growing

4 resized 600

5 Seeds to choose from

5 resized 600

Busy bees (and I really want to buy these beautiful hanging butterflies)

6 resized 600

Write your label first

7 resized 600

The lovely Marianne

8 resized 600

Magic seeds!

9 resized 600

Dad helping out

10 resized 600

Sprinkle the soil on top like parmesan

Seeds resized 600

Carefully planting the seeds

Seeds 2 resized 600

More seeds please!

Seeds 3 resized 600

Place the lids carefully on

Seeds 5 resized 600

No peeking for at least 2 weeks

6 resized 600

Molly planting her tomatoes

Seeds 7 resized 600

18 Watering the peppers and tomatoes

Seeds 8 resized 600

Make sure you use a water can so that the water drizzles rather than pours just like Molly is doing and then we are finished!

19 resized 600

I think the elves may have been watching

elves resized 600

Bursting with colour all the plants for purchase

21 resized 600

Easter goodies!

22 resized 600


About Kerry Gordon:

Early in 2014 I was delighted to begin employment with the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland as Director of Development. The RHSI was founded almost two hundred years ago in 1816 to promote the knowledge and practice of horticulture in the island of Ireland. Today, with our charitable status, we achieve our objectives through seminars, lectures, tours and, since 2011, through our RHSI garden at the historic demesne of Russborough House in County Wicklow.

RHSI Garden Russborough has been taken on under a license from the Alfred Beit Foundation and is in the process of being restored as a working fruit and vegetable garden, and also to display a variety of garden styles and techniques. All work in the garden is carried out by RHSI volunteer members, with the objective of demonstrating the highest horticultural standards.

RHSI’s reputation and commitment to excellence has resulted in partnerships with flagship gardens around Ireland, such as Powerscourt Gardens, where our membership is entitled to free or discounted entry. For further information on the RHSI or to become a member please check or to contact me on any blog related matters

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