Win a Family Annual Membership of Powerscourt Estate for one year

Win a Family Annual Membership of Powerscourt Estate for one year!


Win Annual Membership of Powerscourt Estate for your family for one year by answering this question!

“Is Powerscourt a place to visit more than one, and why?” 

To enter, send your answer together with your name, email address and phone number to The most intriguing and clear answer will win!

We will publish the answers on this blog as the competition goes on.

Competition Closing Date: 4/2/2013, 5pm

Good luck everyone! 🙂


About Annual Membership of Powerscourt:

Annual membership allows unlimited entry to Powerscourt Gardens, Waterfall and River Walk during normal opening hours. 

The prize of family membership is worth €160.00 and is for two adults and up to four children.

Find out more about Annual membership of Powerscourt.

Aoife O’Driscoll, Marketing Manager Powerscourt Estate


  • Jimmy: “It’s the most peaceful, tranquil and spectacular place to visit and there is something for all to enjoy.”
  • Susan: The grandeur and beauty of Powerscourt never ceases to amaze my young family and me. One can never get enough of the beautiful house, gardens and surrounding natural beauty! Every time we go, we discover something else, whether it’s the flowers and fauna that change with the seasons, the amazing food or finding something unique and special in your great shops, we’d go every day if we could.” 
  • Elaine: “Powerscourt is a place to visit more than once because it is a stunning place with the lovely walks & the Japanese gardens & the garden centre & house. We’ve been a number of times & the kids just love it. You can literally spend the whole day there. We especially love the Waterfall it truly is amazing. Always well worth a visit.”
  • Vicky: 11 reasons to visit and re-visit Powerscourt
  • Carol: “Powerscourt is a place to return to again and again. In fact you can return every day and see something different. First of all there is Powerscourt Estate itself. This includes all the gardens and what is in the gardens. You could visit the Pepperpot Tower, The Fountains, The Old Walled Fruit Garden, The Pet Cemetery, The Dolphin pond, The Japanese garden to name but a few. The flowers and shrubs change according to the season, so the beauty is consistently changing. You can visit the shopping area, buy lovely food, gifts, clothes etc . You can visit the restaurant and enjoy a full lunch or a yummy treat and a coffee and gaze out over the beautiful scenery and grounds as you take a break. You can learn about the history of Powerscourt House. You can visit the Garden Centre, browse at leisure and get some expert advice about plants, gardens, bbqs etc. You can take a trip down to The River Walk and have a leisurely stroll or cycle enjoying the peace and tranquility of an area reserved for members only. You can bring a rug or fold up chair and sit on the river beach area and enjoy the scenery and running water, have a picnic. In Spring this is a lovely area for wild bluebells and primroses. You can also go to the Powerscourt Waterfall with this annual ticket and enjoy the cascading waterfall, a multitude of walks, adventure playground, have a bbq.
    The list of things to see and do is endless. We have been annual members for many many years since our first child was quite small. He is now 23 years old!! I would heartily recommend the Powerscourt annual ticket to others. You will indeed get a year of enjoyment for the whole family. I would just like to add that we have celebrated some of the most important moments of family life here too. We annually organise a family Easter egg hunt at the River Walk, have visited Santa here when the children were small and celebrated many birthdays and special moments here. So many thanks, Powerscourt.”
  • Karen: “Visiting Powerscourt throughout the year allows families to be together regardless of the season and children to learn about nature. Memories are made that will be treasured forever and passed on through generations.”
  • Alan: “To be honest I have never visited Powerscourt before but by looking at the photos it looks amazing and all the wonderful comments you get from visitors always something good said. I hope to bring the family up this summer, would have a brilliant day out.”
  • Deirdre: “Oh how I’d love to win this. We have been members for a few years. Powerscourt is a place we visit every couple of weeks. It’s our piece of heaven!”
  • Ruth: “Powerscourt is a place to visit more than once because it is a place like no other in the world where we can walk, picnic and relax with our kids where we are all safe and escape from the pressures of everyday life. We have been members for 15 years.”
  • Joan: “Is Powerscourt a place to visit more than one, and why? No because Powerscourt has 11 things to do and see, and when u have done them and loved them, you would need 11 more visits to experience it all again.”
  • Dave: “Powerscourt is definitely a place to visit more than once because there is something for everyone! The promenade, house, restaurant, shops and gardens are wonderful both for those who’ve never been and for those regulars who need to have their batteries recharged every so often. It’s a seasonal thing and so many options! The waterfall is a wonderful all-seasons retreat, and the riverwalk is a must, both for those who want a wonderful walk with mysterious options and undiscovered trails and for for those who need space, time and wonderful scenery. In short, Powerscourt sums up the richness of a place local to Dublin and yet completely different.”
  • Will: “If you seek beauty, peace and splendour, you will want to visit Powerscourt. But because Powerscourt so uniquely reflects how humankind can be inspired by nature, you will want to return, time and again, along or with friends; and no visit is content without the promise of another.”
  • Carol: “Powerscourt House is a beautiful sight, and the waterfall stunning – it’s power and it’s might…You’ll never see so many flowers in one place, for the gardens – so big, you could see them from space…With grottos and fish ponds to peruse and survey, leave yourselves time – you can stay all day…there’s the terraces cafe and the avoca store, the garden pavilion and much, much more…Tara’s Palace is a wonderful treasure…For kids of all ages – giving hours of pleasure…if your child had a pet, there’s one place they must see, take them to look at the pet cemetery. Then just down the drive – The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Relax with a coffee, the foyer is swell. So my fingers are crossed, and my toes are too, that my family might win this fab prize from you!
  • Elaine: “Yes, of course. Because of it’s beauty all year round. Something to see for every season.”
  • Nuala: “Yes, it’s a great place to visit, I have been going there more years than I care to remember, my children and their children spend many a weekend visiting the waterfall and the magnificent gardens, a truly great destination. I buy my plants in the garden centre, and enjoy lunch in Avoca.”
  • Anne: “it takes more than one visit to see Powerscourt changes with the seasons. :-)”
  • Francie: “I’ve not been, not even once, but would love to go, and more than once. It looks so beautiful in your photos.”
  • Michele: “We used to go there so often when the children were young. There was always  something different to see and explore . Even if I don’t win I am reminded to pay a visit to Powerscourt and relive those great trips. It is definitely a place to visit more than once, at any time of year and at any time of life.”
  • Nicola: “I would love to win the family pass. I have been a member for 7 years but unfortunately due to financial constraints have been unable to renew and now walk the avenue as a small substitute. Nothing compares to the river walk. It is such a magical place. You can’t help but temporarily forget your worries. It’s good for the soul. I just love it and would so love to win the pass.”

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