Poetry in Gold

Poetry in Gold at Powerscourt


A Nature Poetry Initiative – celebration of storytelling & nature for every season


Powerscourt Estate is hosting a nature poetry initiative this autumn, on the back of the success of the summer nature poetry initiative which ran for the last three years. The nature poetry initiatives encourage people to connect with and be inspired by nature and imagination throughout the changing seasons, and to create inspirational stories, in the forms of poems or lyrics.

The nature poetry initiatives have been supported over the last few years by renowned Hollywood actor Patrick Bergin. Patrick Bergin is an award-winning actor, a lover of poetry and a great supporter of the arts, especially encouraging and supporting poetry and the arts in the young in London, Dublin, and LA.

Patrick will be reading through the submissions to the autumn / winter “Poetry in Gold” poetry initiative and will select a number of poems to be used as a basis of a short poetry film to close the initiative.

This poetry initiative this autumn is an invitation to everyone from 7-year-olds up to create a poem or write lyrics inspired by nature they have observed at Powerscourt Gardens and Waterfall, throughout the autumn / winter season 2022.  All submissions are online and will automatically be entered into an open prize draw to win a variety of amazing prizes.


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