Powerscourt Golf Club Wicklow Ireland




  • 搭乘N11(南向 – 韦克斯福德)。
  • 走7号出口,然后跟随路标去鲍尔斯考特园林。


  • 搭乘N11(北向),走6a号出口前往恩尼斯凯里R117。


  • 53°11’05”N 6°11’13”W / 53.18472°N 6.18694°W


  • 从都柏林的奥康内尔大街(O’Connell Street)乘坐44路车到恩尼斯凯里。
  • 从布雷(Bray)火车站乘坐185路汽车到鲍尔斯考特/恩尼斯凯里。





  • 日常营业时间:上午9.30 – 下午5.30
  • 冬季傍晚关门
  • 除12月25和26日两天外(全年开放



  • 周日上午9:30 – 下午1:30 – 全年
  • 周一上午9:30 – 下午1:30(适用于五月至九月)


阿沃卡咖啡店 (Avoca Terrace Café)

  • 日常营业时间:上午9.30 – 下午5.00



  • 一月/二月/十一月/十二月上午10.30 – 下午4.00
  • 三月/四月/九月/十月上午10.30 – 下午5.30
  • 五月/六月/七月/八月上午9.30 – 下午7.00
  • 圣诞节两周前停止营业



园林门票 – 3月1日 – 10月31日

  • 成人10.50欧元
  • 学生/老人8.50欧元
  • 儿童(16岁以下)5.00欧元
  • 儿童(5岁以下)免费
  • 家庭套票25.00欧元(含2名成人及最多3名儿童)家庭套票可节省7欧元


园林门票 – 11 月 1 日 – 2月28日

  • 成人8.00欧元
  • 学生/老人7.00欧元
  • 儿童(16岁以下)3.50欧元
  • 儿童(5岁以下)免费
  • 家庭套票18.00欧元(含2名成人及最多3名儿童)家庭套票可节省7欧元



  • 成人6.00欧元
  • 学生/老人5.50欧元
  • 儿童(16岁以下)3.50欧元
  • 儿童(2岁以下)免费
  • 家庭套票16.00欧元(含2名成人及最多3名儿童)家庭套票可节省5.50欧元


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Powerscourt Estate

*COVID Update – April 2021* 

Further to the government announcements, the Powerscourt Estate team is pleased to inform you  that from Monday 12th April we will be able to welcome visitors from the rest of County Wicklow, and those living within 20km of Powerscourt Estate.

In line with the latest Government guidelines, we can welcome back visitors and annual members to enjoy the Gardens, Waterfall and Riverwalk (members only). The Garden Pavilion is also open for essential retail. The Golf Club will reopen to members from the 26th April.

During April the Gardens are open from 9.30 to 17.30 and the Waterfall from 10.30 to 17.30, with last admission 30 minutes before close.

The Avoca Food Hall is open 7 days a week (9.30 am – 5.30 pm). Avoca Outdoor Hatch is open for takeaway coffee, toasted sandwiches & treats 7 days a week (10.00 am – 4.00 pm). Avoca Pizza Van in the Courtyard is open Fridays, Saturday & Sundays from 12 noon – 3.30 pm.

The following facilities will remain closed for the duration of the latest restrictions.

Avoca Café Restaurant
Avoca Retail (Visit avoca.com for details)
The Design Loft
Neptune by Global Village
Powerscourt Hotel
Powerscourt Distillery
Cool Planet Experience

To keep you and our staff safe we continue to facilitate social distancing, hand sanitizing and other safety measures.

Further updates will follow in the coming weeks as guidelines are adjusted.

Best wishes, ⁠⁠

Powerscourt Management⁠