10 Walkways to enjoy this New Year at Powerscourt


After the indulgences of the Christmas season, and with particularly with the crazy weather we have had of late (!), there is nothing better than grabbing your coat and trainers and heading out for a walk on a crisp winter day. The glow of warm winter sun and blue skies when we are lucky, make for an incredible day out! Here at Powerscourt, we have many walks for you to enjoy year-round. Here are some ideas to get your started this January!

1. The Avenue along Powerscourt Estate: The mile-long Avenue at Powerscourt features row upon row of beech trees, some of which are 200 years old. The avenue looks incredible in the winter sun when the light falls on the pale beech trees. You will see families, couples, parents and babies in prams and joggers and runners together all enjoying this wonderful walkway. It’s free of charge to visit and can be enjoyed for an early morning stroll or after work run. 

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2. Stairway through the Italian Gardens: If you want to test your fitness levels this January, here are the stairs for you! From the Terraces of the Italian Garden through to Triton Lake, this walkway through Powerscourt Gardens gives some of the most expansive views of the gardens, and indeed the Wicklow countryside and Sugarloaf Mountain beyond. Magic!


3: A Winter’s walk through Tower Valley: Tower Valley is one of the more mystical and wild parts of Powerscourt Gardens. From the great heights of it’s trees to the wild flora and fauna that abound throughout this woodland, there is much to see and enjoy. It’s a very relaxing walk and is a favourite with nature lovers.


4. The Beauty of the River Walk, Powerscourt Estate: The River Walk is truly one of the hidden gems of County Wicklow. At present, just annual members of Powerscourt and hotel guests of the Powerscourt Hotel can access it so it remains unspoilt and one of the quietest parts of the Estate. Our members love to enjoy walks with their families and even their dogs here in the untamed woodland and pathways that meander along the Dargle River. It’s a must see. 


5. Rhododendron Heaven in Powerscourt Gardens: One of the quietest parts of the Gardens is the Rhododendron Walk, which is also our Head Gardener Michael Byrne’s most favourite spot at Powerscourt. It is difficult to imagine without being here, how colourful and alive the Rhododendron Walk is in Spring, when you are surrounded by blooms from every angle. Even in Winter, it’s a gorgeous place to walk and absorb the nature around you. Stop and take a few moments to hear the birdsong and be still and quiet as you may spot a red squirrel as we have often done at Powerscourt!

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6. The must-see Lake in Powerscourt Gardens: The walkway that surrounds Triton Lake lets you enjoy a 360 degree view of Powerscourt at it’s best. From the Winged Horses that watch over the Lake, to the sounds of the fountain beyond, this is one of the most majestic parts of Powerscourt Gardens. Don’t miss a visit to the boathouse, hidden to one side of Lake where you can explore Powerscourt from a different angle!


7. Lord Londonderry’s Walk, Powerscourt Gardens:This is one of my favourite spots in Powerscourt Gardens. On a sunny day, you would not believe the heat and power of the Winter Sun that can be enjoyed when resting on the stone bench. It towers over the Japanese Gardens so you get the best seat in the house in terms of a viewpoint! This beautiful bench was built in honour of Lord Londonderry, the stepfather of Lord Powerscourt as it was a favourite spot for him to visit. The area surrounding the bench is known as “Lord Londonderry’s Walk.”


8. The Walled Garden, Powerscourt Gardens: The Walled Garden at Powerscourt is the place to visit if you enjoy statuary, fine gates, flowers, topiary, or all of the above! The winter bedding is now in, adding some welcome colour at this time of year. Julia’s Memorial is a restful and quiet place to stop for a moment or two. Listen to the trickle of the fountain and be surprised by the statuary next to it. There are an interesting collection of characters here!


9. A Reclaimed Garden for you to enjoy: The Japanese Garden features perennial shrubs and a wonderful range of trees at any time of year. It was made on reclaimed bogland to the south of Triton Lake and I for one, am very glad that Lord and Lady Powerscourt created this treasure in 1908! The Pagoda is a great spot to stop and watch the world go by and there are lots of trickling streams under pretty Japanese bridges too. Don’t miss the Grotto which feels like part of another world – with its moss covered walls with rivers running along them in the rain, it is truly romantic!


10. Last but not least…are the beautiful walkways along Powerscourt Waterfall. There’s a trail through the Waterfall which will lead you along woodland paths, over rivers and past hundreds of different kinds of trees. When you first walk towards the Waterfall, your breath will be taken away by the sight of the giant Redwood Trees which tower above the landscape. A great place to take the kids out of the house on a nice winter’s day!


Plan Your Visit to Powerscourt today!


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