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Powerscourt Estate from above


Benvenuti Organizza la tua visita Posizione La proprietà di Powerscourt Estate si trova ad Enniskerry, nella contea di Wicklow, a 30 minuti circa dal centro

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Organizza la tua visita

Organizza la tua visita

Benvenuti Organizza la tua visita Posizione Venite a scoprire il luogo più incantevole e intrigante d’Irlanda Powerscourt Gardens Al 3° posto nella classifica National Geographic

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Benvenuti Organizza la tua visita Posizione Sulla proprietà di Powerscourt Estate, che si estende su 400 ettari di terreno nella contea di Wicklow, sorge l’incantevole

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Powerscourt Estate

COVID-19 Notification 4

Powerscourt Estate – Closure

(Effective 22.03.20)

In the interest of public safety and the absolute requirement for social distancing, we have decided to close the Estate, including the House, Gardens, River Walk and Waterfall, until further notice.

We have given the situation a great deal of thought and we understand that our visitors will be disappointed by this and we apologise for the inconvenience it may cause, particularly when being outside in nature is beneficial for mental and physical health.

At this time, we all have a social responsibility, including Powerscourt Estate, to minimise any harm to our friends, colleagues, and families.  We will be reviewing this situation on an ongoing basis.  Please keep an eye on the News Section of our website and social media for updates.

Thank you for your understanding and patience and we look forward to welcoming you back to the Estate before not too long.  We hope you and your families are keeping safe.

Best wishes,

Powerscourt Management