Poetry in Bloom at Powerscourt

A Nature Poetry Initiative - a celebration of storytelling & nature

Calling all 7+ year-olds, Powerscourt Estate & Fighting Words want your poems and lyrics! 

The “Poetry in Bloom” at Powerscourt initiative, developed by Powerscourt, in partnership with creative writing organisation Fighting Words, is an invitation and call to everyone from  7 + years olds to create a poem or write lyrics inspired by nature observed at Powerscourt Gardens throughout August. All submissions are online and will be automatically entered into an open prize draw to win a variety of wonderful prizes.

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Italian Garden Powerscourt EstateThe initiative is also marking the life of the “poetess of Powerscourt”, Shelia Wingfield who was a gifted poet and a Viscountess of Powerscourt.  She crossed paths and was a contemporary of some of the greatest literary figures of the early twentieth century Ireland, including W.B Yeats.   Shelia Wingfield led a colourful life and lived and breathed poetry.  Her writing and poetry clearly emanate from her love for nature, with many of her poems inspired by her surrounds at Powerscourt Estate.

In these uncertain times,  connecting with nature is good for everyone’s wellbeing, creating stories through poems or lyrics keeps us connected to those magical creative moments in nature and helps us all tread a little lightly on ourselves and the natural world.

Fighting Words offers free workshops to children and adults to explore their creativity and create new stories at locations all over Ireland. Powerscourt Estate and Fighting Words have now come together and are inviting all visitors to Powerscourt Gardens and Waterfall this summer to immerse themselves in nature and be inspired to write a poem or lyrics.


Create a Poem or Lyrics inspired by Nature

We are asking visitors to Powerscourt Gardens and Waterfall throughout August to submit online their own written poems or lyrics inspired by nature.   Your unique poems, lyrics (maximum length of 250 words) can take any form – from a short poem, lyrics to 2-3 lines of a poem.  There is no minimum length required.

The only requirement is that your poem or lyrics must be inspired by nature in full bloom at Powerscourt Gardens and Waterfall.

There are three different submission categories, children, teenagers, young adults & adults. All submissions should be made online through the initiative’s websites or by emailing fighting words and specifying your age category.

All entries are automatically entered into an open prize draw to win a variety of amazing prizes.  The first twenty submissions online will also receive family passes to Powerscourt Gardens.

Throughout August a virtual “Poetry in Bloom” at Powerscourt poetry wall will be created on the fighting words and Powerscourt Estate websites where all entries can be viewed.  Powerscourt will also install a poetry trail where selected entries (poems, lyrics) will be featured on the trail throughout Powerscourt Gardens in August and will be shared weekly on social media.

The overall winner selected in the open prize- draw will be announced at the beginning of September and will receive a year’s annual membership to Powerscourt  Estate and a gift card worth €250.  The three runners-up will also receive annual memberships.


Get Inspired 

Powerscourt Gardens are now beautifully in bloom and are a perfect place to visit to unwind and experience nature in all its summer glory.  The roses in the Walled Garden, some planted over forty years ago are now coming into their more vibrant second flush over the next few weeks.  The Herbaceous Border, the longest double border in the country is now a haven for biodiversity and has something for everyone to enjoy, especially eagle-eyed children.

The poetic words you choose is entirely up to you. The sky’s the limit!  


Story Writing Tips

What Poem or lyrics will you write? You might write one about the trees, flowers, animals, or birds you observe in Powerscourt Gardens.

If you’re not sure where to start before you visit Powerscourt Gardens and Waterfall, take a look at the recent beautiful dawn chorus time-lapse video in association with Tourism Ireland of the Gardens. Click here to watch.

You’ll find lots of helpful tips on writing, story structure and plenty more to fire up those imaginations over at www.fightingwords.ie/poetryinbloom

[will link to story writing tips video when live] 


Celebrating Poetry in Bloom

All submissions will be reviewed by Fighting Words and included in a nature-filled digital online anthology which will be published on Fighting Words’ and Powerscourt Estate websites at the beginning of September.

A selection of entries submitted (poems, lyrics) will also be transformed into a Poetry-film inspired by nature at Powerscourt (Short 2-5-minute film) which will be circulated widely towards the middle of September.

And you never know – your poem or lyrics may be selected and showcased! 


How to Enter

  • Submissions open on Monday 27th July, at 12 pm
  • Submissions close on Monday, 31st of August at 5 pm
  • Maximum word count: 250 words
  • Submissions may be in English or in Irish

Authors can be ages of 7 + years of age. Three categories* of entry:

Category 1 – Children: 7-12-years old

Category 2- Teenagers: 13-15

Category 3 – Young adults & adult: 16 years+

*Please specify your category on the submission.

  • Send your poems and lyrics in an editable format (e.g. Microsoft Word).
  • IMPORTANT: All submissions should be sent to fiction@fightingwords.ie with STORYKEEPER SUBMISSION in the subject line with the following information included:
    • Name of author
    • Age of author + Submission Category (1,2 or 3).
    • County where you live
    • Title of Poetic piece, poem, or lyrics
    • Word Count (please note maximum of 200 words)
    • Parent/Guardian Name if applicable
    • Parent/Guardian Contact Telephone Number if applicable
  • IMPORTANT: Category 1 submissions Children: 7-12 years old should be from a parent/guardian email address to fiction@fightingwords.ie.
  • All submissions will be acknowledged by email and entrants will receive a copy of the terms and conditions.
  • Powerscourt Estate and Fighting Words reserve the right not to publish submissions if details listed above are not included.
  • Any questions should be sent by email to info@fightingwords.ie with POETRY IN BLOOM QUESTION in the subject line


Consent – Attention Parents/Guardians

By submitting a story for your child using your email address, parents/guardians confirm that they are the parent/guardian for the entrant in the project “Poetry in Bloom at Powerscourt”, which will result in a digital publication.

Parent/guardians understand that all rights to submissions belong to the contributing writer/artist and to Fighting Words and Powerscourt Estate and the project partners, which may reproduce the contributed work in connection with the promotion of the project and the publication together with the project partners. Any possible proceeds from the project will support Fighting Words and its partners.

Fighting Words, Powerscourt Estate and the project partners reserves the right not to publish content that contravenes the Fighting Words Equal Opportunities and/or Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy. Both policies are found on www.fightingwords.ie

Privacy Policy
Fighting Words and Powerscourt Estate are responsible for storing your data securely.

By submitting a piece of writing or other artwork to this project, you accept that Fighting Words, Powerscourt Estate and their project partners may use your information in connection with the creation of the project “Poetry in Bloom at Powerscourt” and publish your child’s contribution digitally. All rights are reserved to you as the parent of the author / artist and Fighting Words, Powerscourt Estate and the project partners.

No unauthorised person will gain access to your information. Your e-mail address will not be used for purposes other than to communicate with you directly regarding “Poetry in Bloom at Powerscourt”.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All information detailing how to enter this competition forms part of these Terms and Conditions. It is a condition of entry that all rules are accepted as final and that the parent/guardian of the entrant agrees to abide by these rules.
  2. Submissions open on 27th July 2020.
  3. Closing date for submissions 31st of August 2020.
  4. Submissions received after this date will not be accepted.
  5. Submissions are based on the creation of a poem, lyrics with no minimum length (Example a x2-3-line poem or lyrics) that does not exceed 250 words.
  6. When making a submission, parents/guardians of applicants should carefully consider the timeframe for completion of work. It is the responsibility of the successful applicant to ensure that their project can be completed on time.
  7. All written work accompanying the submission must be the work of the individual making the submission. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the entrant to ensure that any content that they submit does not infringe the copyright of any third party or any laws.
  8. Copyright of submissions remains with the entrant.
  9. Any submissions with references to nudity, racism, drug use, extreme profanity or other objectionable content will be rejected and excluded.
  10. For all applicants, copyright of the creative work will remain with the entrant, however, Powerscourt Estate and it’s Operators and Tourism partners (inc Tourism Northern Ireland, Failte Ireland and Tourism Ireland), Fighting Words, together with its funders will be granted permission by the parent/guardian of entrants to worldwide, irrevocable and perpetual licence to feature the creative work in any of their publications, promotional material and websites.
  11. Events may occur that render the “Poetry in Bloom” project impossible due to reasons beyond the control of Powerscourt Estate, Fighting Words and the parents/guardians of all entrants agree that no liability shall attach to Powerscourt Estate, Fighting Words or partners as a result.
  12. By entering creative work to “Poetry in Bloom at Powerscourt”, entrants agree to the collection, retention, usage and distribution of their personal information to process and contact them about their submission and for the purposes outlined in these Terms and Conditions.
  13. Powerscourt Estate may pass entrants’ details to third parties and/or otherwise engage third party providers in connection with “Poetry in Bloom at Powerscourt” where the third party is acting on Powerscourt Estate behalf for the purposes of administrating this competition and/or subsequent publicity, and/or for the purposes of sending entrants Powerscourt Estate of Ireland marketing materials: and/or as otherwise required by law.
  14. The promoter of this programme is Powerscourt Estate c/o Powerscourt Estate, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow and Fighting Words, Behan Square, 12-16 Russell Street, Dublin 1 D01 WD53.
  15. Powerscourt Estate and Fighting Words accept no responsibility for any damage, loss, liabilities, injury or disappointment incurred or suffered by entrants submitting creative work.
  16. Powerscourt Estate, Fighting Words or its partners shall not be liable to comply with its obligations relating to this competition where the failure is caused by something outside of its reasonable control.
  17. “Poetry in Bloom at Powerscourt”and these Terms and Conditions will be governed by Irish law and entrants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.