A Pond with Parisian origins

The English Gate

The English Gate leads the way to the Dolphin Pond and the Pet’s cemetery. This beautiful gate was brought from England in 1873 and if you look closely you can see rose, thistle and shamrock motifs. These are the national emblems of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Parisian Origins

The Dolphin Pond gets its name from the central fountain which has a jet and dolphins spouting water up to 15 metres. It was brought from Paris by the 7th Viscount in the late 19th century. It was once known as “The Green Pond” and is one of the oldest parts of Powerscourt Gardens, even appearing on a 1740 map of the estate as a fish pond.

Trees at Powerscourt

The Dolphin Pond is surrounded by magnificent trees, including a line of Japanese red cedars (Cryptomeria japonica) which were planted about 1864. There are also many conifers for which the Estate is famous, and a row of Giant Wellingtonias (Sequoiadendron giganteum) from California. The benches alongside the Dolphin Pond are a lovely spot to sit and ponder, particularly when the ducks pay us a visit and are splashing about!

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