Gardening for Wildlife with Eanna Ni Lamhna

Join one of Ireland’s best known public figures in the area of nature and the environment for a wild and wonderful talk about ‘Gardening for Wildlife’. Eanna Ni Lamhna, long standing contributor to “Mooney Goes Wild” and author of several wildlife books, will be at Powerscourt Garden Pavilion on Saturday July 12th at 2pm for the talk. With her matter-of-fact knowledge, humour and folklore-laden take on Irish wildlife, it’s sure to be entertaining!


Eanna will be making the case for other very useful pest reducing insects such as wasps which feed their young on aphids and greenflies, black beetles which devour earwigs and woodlice who are free dustbin men!

Learn how to attract wildlife such as butterflies and bees to your garden. Carnivores such as hedgehogs and blackbirds are always very welcome in gardens because they eat the herbivores that are destroying gardeners’ plants.


Enjoy an entertaining morning delivered in Eanna’s inimitable style. For more information and to book visit

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