Explore hidden and secret woodlands

The River Walk is just a small part of one of the most beautiful estates in Ireland. It is reserved for the annual members of Powerscourt who all enjoy the beauty of this very secret space beyond the gates of the estate. Find out more about becoming an annual member of Powerscourt today.

Tranquil Walkways

This private and hidden gem, lies deep within the walls of Powerscourt Estate. It is one of Ireland’s most charming and secluded places and its’ ancient and unspoiled beauty is carefully protected. The heritage of The River Walk can be found in the ancient trees surrounding over 3 kilometres of winding walkways. The River Walk’s main pathway was laid in 1868 by the Viscount of Powerscourt so that his family could enjoy the serenity of the River Dargle.

The real beauty and essence of The River Walk is found in the many secret woodland trails that radiate from the main pathway and which are very safe and easy to explore. The woodlands that tower above The River Walk are certainly a spectacular sight. Look above you and witness one of the tallest collections of conifers in Ireland.

Champion Trees

Thanks to the Viscount’s tree planting programme of 1870, these woodlands boast a number of species including Douglas-Firs, Corsican Pines, Giant Redwoods, Atlantic Cedars, Noble Firs and countless more. The River Walk also features the tallest tree in Ireland, a Douglas Fir. The tree stands at 61.5 metres, or 202 ft, towering above well-known landmarks including Dublin’s Liberty Hall (59.5 metres) and Niagara Falls (51m).

Whether a nature trail or hiking adventure, The River Walk is yours to enjoy in whatever
way you choose. You could take a short stroll, plan a picnic or lunch with a loved one or spend an afternoon playing and exploring the three kilometres of woodlands in this area. Find out more about becoming an annual member of Powerscourt so you too can enjoy the beauty of the River Walk.