Walk on the Wild Side with Dale Treadwell at Powerscourt

Walk on the Wild Side with Dale Treadwell at Powerscourt

Walk on the Wild side of Wicklow, with RTÉ’s Dale Treadwell! Dale will be taking children on a guided nature trail and bio blitz of Powerscourt Gardens in Wicklow, located in one of Ireland’s most breath-taking country estates.


Kids will enjoy discovering the secret world of mini-beasts and hunting for the insects and plants that live at Powerscourt.  Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet, that we have fifteen types of ladybirds in Ireland and that Grasshoppers are able to jump up to twenty times their own length? Dale will uncover our natural Wicklow habitat for families so they can learn about bugs and beasties and the plants in which they live. There will also be outdoor eco games for everyone to enjoy.


Dale Treadwell is an Aussie with a background in Bushland Restoration living in Ireland for nearly a decade. His company ‘Naturally Wild’ educates both old and young alike with our great outdoors in a fun and informative way. You can catch Dale on ‘Albie the Why Guy’ on RTÉ. Tickets to his guided walk at Powerscourt are limited and must be booked in advance. Visit www.powerscourt.com/events to book your place.


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