Tulips Beautifully in Bloom – April 2021

Tulips Beautifully in Bloom

Don’t miss the opportunity to see over 19,000 tulips in bloom at this year’s Annual Tulip Display, which is the largest display of tulips within any herbaceous border in the country.  The tulips are nearing their full colour but will remain in bloom till the middle of May with displays of tulips located throughout the gardens, from the Italian Gardens, Julia’s memorial to the Herbaceous Border.

This year at the Tulip Display there are 14 varieties of tulips replicated every 5 metres over 120 metres in calming pastel shades of pink, purple and white which look dreamlike in the spring sunlight.  The tulips are planted in clumps with 20 bulbs per clump to have maximum impact.  There are hybrid varieties mixed in with botanical tulips.  When the Botanicals are left in the ground, they increase in vigour year on year and the hybrid varieties last 2-3 years.

Tulips are a fascinating flower and although they do not have any scent, they have captured the imagination and hearts of everyone and are recognised as a flower of spring.  They also symbolise deep love and have an amazing rich history.  During the 17th century the world was even gripped by “Tulipmania” when tulips were sold for up to €100 per bulb and the tiger stripe tulips were also greatly prized.   However, one tulip which had the tiger stripes was estimated to be sold for 750,000 dollars at the height of “Tulipmania”.  The flame-like effect, streaks or feathering on the petals of tulips are caused by a naturally occurring virus which infects the bulb but brings added beauty to many varieties of tulips.

This spring do not miss the Japanese Garden which comes to life and is wafting with beautiful scents. Inhale the fragrances from sweet magnolia flowers, perfumed azaleas and cherry and apple blossom trees, bearing cascades of pink and white flowers. The Camellias in the Memorial Garden are a welcome surprise for visitors, with bluebells starting to come up in the Camellia bed too, while thousands of daffodils add some spring cheer after the long winter months.




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