The Rose Festival at Powerscourt Gardens

The Rose Festival at Powerscourt Gardens

The roses buds at Powerscourt Gardens in Wicklow are starting to bloom and the roses are about to arrive in full bloom! They will be full of scent and colour for you to enjoy 🙂

Among the roses you can expect to see in the gardens are traditional climbing roses like Galway Bay, Bantry Bay and Dublin Bay in beautiful reds and pinks. Below the climbers you will find the hybrid teas and the Floribunda Roses. My favourite among those varieties would be Whiskey Mac and Winchester Cathedral.


In addition to that we have two lovely displays of carpet patio Roses which produce more flowers than the standard roses but are very low growing.


We are very busy caring for the roses and we have a vigorous programme which involves individually spraying each of our 5,000 roses. This has to be done every 3 to 4 weeks in order to keep away insects, mildew, blackspot and it also enables us to give them a liquid feed to help them grow. 


Come along and see all our beautiful roses in the gardens. If you would like a behind the scenes tour, join me for a guided walk of our annual Rose festival on June 25th at 11am. You can book tickets here.

See you soon at Powerscourt,

Head Gardener

Michael Byrne

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