18 Wonderful Ways to Experience Powerscourt Gardens


There are so many ways to experience Powerscourt Gardens; it is a treasure trove to all who come here. Here are some of highlights…don’t miss them!

1. Gorgeous Garden Design

Powerscourt Gardens

2. Beautiful Views

Powerscourt Wicklow

3. Rambling Walks 

Gardens Wicklow

4. Dramatic Lakes and Fountains

Triton Lake Powerscourt

5. Calm, Reflective Ponds

Gardens Ireland

6. Delightful Water Features


7. Fascinating Plants

Gardens Ireland

8. Vibrant Colours

Wicklow Gardens

9. Beautiful Scents

Wicklow Gardens

10. Exciting Sculptures

Gardens Wicklow

11.  Gods & Myths

Gardens to visit wicklow

12. Intricate Terraces

Wicklow Gardens

13. Fine Trees

Trees Powerscourt

14. Powerful Trunks

Trees Wicklow

15. Intriguing Textures

Powerscourt Gardens

16. Enchanted Forests


17. Secret Hideaways

Pepper pot tower

18. Hidden Grottos

describe the image


What are your hidden gems in the gardens? Until next time!

Aoife O’Driscoll, Marketing Manager Powerscourt Estate

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